Ukraine: Kyiv March On

17 February 2005
Alexei Naumov

FIBA Europe League side BC Kyiv maintained their stance at the top of the Ukrainian Superleague standings with a midweek victory over 4th-placed side MBC Odessa.

Kyiv went to Odessa expecting a difficult match-up, but received a suprise at the performance of Odessa point guard Dmytro Shevchenko.

Sergei Chikalkin
Shevechenko, who at 19 is the youngest player on the Odessa roster, has just returned from injury and was obviously raring to go. He caused Kyiv all sorts of problems, and his three-pointer at the end of the second quarter gave Odessa a 47-46 halftime lead. 

“I am glad Shevchenko has recovered from an injury,” said Odessa head coach Vadim Pudzirey.

“He was eager to play and we gave him a chance, which he used well. I am very pleased with the level of play Dmytro demonstrated and hope he will keep it up."

While Schevchenko finished with 21 points, Kyiv's Lamarr Greer and Sergei Chikalkin were also helping themselves on the offensive end, finishing wtih 25 and 22 points respectively.

The 4th quarter was dominated by the visitors from Kyiv and although Odessa threatened a last second comeback, Chikalkin's free throws at the death sealed the win for Kyiv.

“We knew the game in Odessa was going to be tough,” said BC Kyiv head coach Renato Pasquali. “Odessa seem to have more confidence when they play at home – last year we beat them three times by 30 points in Kyiv and lost by 20 in Odessa.

“Although some players didn’t perform at the highest level defensively, I tried not to get upset over it, since most of the things worked for us offensively. In the second half we tried to put Chikalkin and Greer into situations where they could score easy baskets. Plus, we did well against Annenkov and Tkach and managed to control the boards when we needed it the most.”


29.04.2005 - By Jeff Taylor, PA International
28.04.2005 - By Jeff Taylor, PA International

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