MBC Odessa 83 - Strauss Iscar 87

21 October 2003

In a close game Strauss Iscar took the win over MBC Odessa (83-87). A really good team-performance – five players had 10 or more points – was the main reason for the victory.

At the beginning of the game both teams acted pretty nervously and missed most of their shots. The guests from Israel were pressed hard so that in most occasions they were only able to shoot from the outside. But the Ukrainians missed several easy shots and Strauss Iscar could increase their lead.

After the halftime break everything changed. Oleg Yushkin (14 points), Edmund Valeyko and Vadym Pudzyrey (19 points) brought their team back in the game. Also Odessa’s defense finally managed to stop Erez Marckovich (15 points) and MBC took the lead from the Israelis.

But when Odessa looked like the winning team Stevin Smith (12 points), Yosef Dadon and Eric Campbell (19 points) demonstrated why they are so important for Strauss and gave the lead back to their team.

At the end the Israeli team won due to their better shooting percentage and fewer mistakes.

Game MVP: Vadym Pudzyrey

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