FIBA Europe Judge Rules on UMMC Ekaterinburg

04 March 2004

National Federations Responsible for Eligibility

FIBA Europe processes over 3,000 player licences in a 6-week period before the start of each season, and would like to emphasise that the eligibility of players is the responsibility of the respective national federation as stated in the European Club Competition Regulations.

FIBA Europe Judge Ruling

A preliminary enquiry into the case regarding the eligibility of certain UMMC Ekaterinburg players participating in the EuroLeague Women was conducted at the beginning of the season at the request of Bourges Basket on 4th November 2003. FIBA Europe sought legal advice on the issue and was informed that no violation of the eligibility rules had taken place.

Further documentation was provided by Gambrinus Brno on 25th February 2004 and on the basis of this documentation the case was re-opened. New evidence in the case was consequently discovered, the results of which have been presented to the FIBA Europe Judge. He has ruled, in the first instance, that UMMC Ekaterinburg has been playing the 2003/2004 season with ineligible players.

As a consequence of this violation and as stated in the FIBA Europe Club Competition Regulations, UMMC Ekaterinburg is disqualified from the EuroLeague Women competition.

Furthermore, UMMC Ekaterinburg is fined the sum of €75,000.

As a result Gambrinus JME Brno qualifies directly to the EuroLeague Women Final Four.

As stated in the European Club Competition Regulations, UMMC Ekaterinburg has seven (7) days in which to appeal this ruling and any further decision will be based on the result of an eventual appeal.

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